An Independent Evaluation

Colorado UpLift is dedicated to ensuring our program is producing positive life-changing impact on the lives of our students. Thus, we are in the midst of a rigorous evaluation by an independent party showing our dedication to results-oriented outcomes. Our evaluation allows us to tailor our program to the needs of specific grades and development levels. Through this process, we have been able to see UpLift’s results year after year, verifying that our program is working. In fact, we are not only measuring results but, more importantly, we are measuring life change — proving the model.

Here are a few highlights from the evaluation:


  • The more hours a student spends with their UpLift teacher/mentors the higher their attendance in school
  • 23 of 28 UpLift schools are in the highest crime neighborhoods
  • 52% of DPS students live in single parent homes
  • On most character traits, the majority of students exhibited their best performance during their 3rd year
  • Suspensions have dropped by 10% for UpLift students, due to UpLift staff support
  • Overall, and across all metrics, our evaluation assesed by an independent party has proven that the longer the child remains with the program, the better they perform