A Highly Unique Model

UpLift takes a whole child approach when working with inner-city youth. Using a highly relational model, we address the needs of our students which is critical in improving academic performance and guiding them on a better career and life track.

Staff who come from similar backgrounds as our students are available to students in school, after school, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This approach provides consistent positive adult role models who act as teacher mentors in the lives of our students.


Involvement in UpLift extends far beyond the school year. This includes ongoing interaction with mentors, as well as programs like Summer Day Camp, Summer Advanced Leadership Training (SALT), and the Adventure Program.

Uplift takes a very comprehensive approach providing wraparound support through four distinct program areas: - In School: UpLift facilitates over 300 classes each week teaching character qualities and life skills. - After School: Our full-time staff mentor students using bonding activities and skill sessions. - Adventure: UpLift engages students in outdoor activities specifically designed to teach resiliency. - Post Secondary: UpLift prepares students for post-secondary education to fulfill their dreams. - Advanced Leadership provides UpLift high school students with a unique opportunity that develops and cultivates young leaders.

High school students are given the opportunity to mentor elementary school students and in doing so, they learn to be accountable for their own actions - as they are now role models. In fact, we have found this piece of the UpLift program to be one of the most influential components with lasting impact. When high school students are asked about their favorite part of UpLift, they often mention the "Little Lift" program, where they had an opportunity to influence other lives and be looked up to by younger students who wanted to be just like them.

Student engagement with UpLift begins as early as elementary school and this multi-year relationship continues through middle school, high school, and beyond to include post-secondary prepartion and support. In fact, many UpLift students become UpLift teacher/mentors and devote their lives to the program and future generations. There is no greater testament to UpLift than seeing a student return one day as a staff member.