At the core of Colorado UpLift you’ll find tremendous leadership. It is their support and guidance that is the driving force behind our success. As stated in our mission, the power of a relationship is at the very center of our organization. The relationship they have with Colorado UpLift is as loyal and as critical as the relationships we build with thousands of kids every day.

Dr. Kent Hutcheson Founder, Colorado UpLift In 2013, Dr. Kent Hutcheson received the Richard Cornuelle Award for Social Entrepreneurship from the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. The Cornuelle Award distinguishes top social entrepreneurs—those who develop effective and original approaches to dealing with social problems and who rely mainly on private funding and volunteers to see their ideas to fruition. What began as one man’s vision more than 30 years ago is now a thriving organization that positively impacts thousands of kids. Thanks to your support, Colorado UpLift continues to grow, building more long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth. — Gabe Trujillo, President, Colorado UpLift