The Colorado UpLift model is so powerful that I used it to elevate an entire school. As the principal at Manny Martinez Middle School, I was so impressed by the impact UpLift was having with the kids involved, that I implemented a school-wide program. Using the UpLift model and core curriculum as the foundation, I was able to improve the school’s climate and culture. This program significantly improved our scores as one the lowest performing schools within Denver Public Schools. In fact, the program was so successful that it resulted in substantial increases in student achievement, improved student daily attendance rates and a decrease in negative student behavior. Results achieved are verifiable as part of the Denver Public Schools and State of Colorado School Performance Framework and a testament to the power of UpLift.

— Gabe Trujillo, President, Colorado UpLift 

UpLift teaches 7 Character Qualities in 29 Denver Public Schools beginning as early as elementary school.

UpLift teaches 6 Life Skills in 29 Denver Public Schools beginning as early as elementary school.

UpLift teaches 13 character qualities and life skills in 28 Denver Public Schools. From elementary school through high school graduation, the ultimate goal is to walk alongside our students for the majority of their scholastic careers, providing them with support and guidance.

Due to the lack of parental/adult support and supervision among the students UpLift serves, we provide after school activities to keep them engaged.

The Adventure program uses outdoor activities to teach resiliency to our students. The socio-emotional learning and character development that goes on in the classroom is reinforced through experiential learning. We want our youth to believe they can go anywhere and do anything. UpLift accomplishes this by simply breaking down walls geographically and through activities that teach them they can achieve.

Our Post-Secondary team encourages career-minded goal setting from early on in the program. Providing resources such as workshops, FAFSA information, and $80,000 worth internal scholarships provided by donors, the Post-Secondary program strives to helps students to achieve their college and career dreams. Additionally, the Post-Secondary program continues to help UpLift Alumni grow through relational support, internships, career planning and social networking.

UpLift incorporates the "Little Lift" model where high school students serve as role models and mentors to younger students.

Advanced Leadership provides UpLift high school students with a unique opportunity that develops and cultivates young leaders.

UpLift provides wrap-around support 24/7/365. This includes Summer Advanced Leadership Training (SALT), where we engage kids throughout the summer.

Denver Public Schools Served

DPS Schools = 29

Students = 5,600

Total Students At-Risk = 65,000+

Within the 29 schools shown on the map we will be able to reach 5,600 kids this year. Not only will we impact the lives of those we are able to reach, but also that of their families and our entire community.  Despite the fact we will impact 5,600 kids this year, there are an estimated 65,000 at-risk who need our support. Therefore, we need to continue to grow Colorado UpLift and reach even more students in need.