Colorado UpLift works with a “pipeline” of schools. We start with students in elementary school staying with them through middle school and high school. With this approach, UpLift is also able to provide grade-to-grade influence from as early as elementary school through twelfth grade. By developing a long-term, life-changing relationship with a student, we are able to increase attendance, reduce dropouts and significantly increase high school graduation rates. Colorado UpLift operates in pipelines across the city that directly impact 5,600 kids. We hope to continue to grow and reach more kids throughout our program with an emphasis on increased presence at the middle school level. As you’ll see demonstrated below, the average pipeline includes six program staff, four transport vans and four program areas. Leveraging these resources collectively, we are able to provide continuous support from elementary school through twelfth grade. Once students graduate high school, our post-secondary program provides additional support and guidance as they continue their education.

At the elementary level the classes are taught once a week by the high school students, under the supervision of UpLift teacher mentors. Traditionally, the elementary students start UpLift in the fourth grade but can start as early as second grade depending on the school.

The Middle School Initiative is focused on increasing Colorado UpLift’s presence with Denver Public Schools’ middle school students by hiring additional full-time staff to teach accredited UpLift classes five days per week, up from two to three days per week. This will significantly increase weekly contact with UpLift students and add new middle school students to the program. Middle school is a critical time in the life of our students, both academically and socially. By increasing our presence, we can provide our students with better wraparound support during these formative years. The initiative was successfully launched during the 2012-2013 school year at three middle schools; Kepner, Hill and Skinner. We continue to operate these schools and have added West Generations and West Leadership to the full-time initiative.

Classes taught at the high school level are all elective courses. Students receive high school credit for UpLift classes as they would for any other elective. 

"Building long-term, life-changing relationships with urban youth."