Colorado UpLift


Please call the Colorado UpLift office at 303.830.6615 if the staff member you need is not listed. We will put you in contact with him or her. 

Program Staff by Area: 

Victor NellumArea Director,
"Q" NellumSite Coordinator,
Cory Wilson, Teacher-Mentor,
Petra Scott, Teacher-Mentor,
PT Smith, Teacher-Mentor,

Vince Trujillo, 
Area Director,
Thais KenserSite Coordinator,
Corina CardenasSite Coordinator,
Pablo CorreaSite Coordinator,
Fabian Armenta, Site Coordinator,
Everett Trujillo, Teacher-Mentor,
Frank Trujillo, Teacher-Mentor,
Melissa Moreno,
Eric Swank,
Tanya Martinez, Teacher-Mentor,

Adrian Lucero
Area Director,
David UbaldoSite Coordinator,
Jessica Lucero, Site Coordinator,
Michelle Burt, Site Coordinator,
Juhn DeAndresTeacher-Mentor,
Michelle Burt, Teacher-Mentor,
Rebecca Flores, Teacher-Mentor,
Bernadette TorrezTeacher-Mentor,
Joel Walter, Teacher-Mentor,
Marc SaenzTeacher-Mentor,
Linwood Washington, Teacher-Mentor,

Ross CuringtonArea Director,
Brittaney Robinson, Site Coordinator,
Inacia DaCunha-NetoSite Coordinator,
Audis Woodard, Site Coordinator,
Gregory "Kwame" Rodgers, Teacher-Mentor,
Sheldon McGregor, Teacher-Mentor,
Adrian DalstraTeacher-Mentor,


Gabe Trujillo, Vice President of Program Services,
Kevin Byerley, Model Replication Program Director,
Sue Erickson, Education Coordinator,
Monique JaramilloProgram Manager,
Trung Nguyen, Adventure Director,
Inez Robinson, Middle School Program Manager,
Sirena Rodriguez, Director of Post Secondary & Alumni Relations,
Adam Roybal, Post Secondary Program Director,
Sue ScheeresCurriculum Developer,

Administrative Staff (alphabetical order):

Manuel Aragon, Special Projects Manager,
Chris Binkley,  Executive Vice President & COO,
Yessenia Cole, Administrative Coordinator,
Nanette Martinez, Assistant to the President,
Hilary Morgan, Development and Marketing Manager,
John Oliver, Director of Operations,
Mike PainterPresident and
Pami Perea, Manager of Donor and Community Relations,
Mike Riley, Vice President of Human Resources,
Brian Stamer, Director of Finance and Administration,
Marisol Villagomez, Development Coordinator,
Trent Wiesen, Executive Vice President of External Affairs,
Christie ZieglerDirector of

All UpLift program staff work in Denver Public Schools, receive approximately 30-50 hours of training annually, and have adjunct teaching licenses from the Colorado Department of Education to teach the UpLift curriculum in schools.

For questions about employment, click here.