Colorado UpLift

Why UpLift?


We’re so proud of our kids and the accomplishments we’re able to share!
  • 90% of UpLift seniors consistently graduate from high school each year.

    Note: Each high school graduate saves the economy nearly $2 million per graduate. (Cohen, M. and Piquero, A.R. [2007] New Evidence on the Monetary Value of Saving a High Risk Youth.  Retrieved from 
  • 86% of UpLift seniors enroll in post-secondary education each year, on average, including two and four-year colleges and trade schools. 
  • Colorado UpLift will work with approximately 5,200 students in 28 Denver Public Schools in 2014, delivering our comprehensive four-area program and relational strategy.
  • Colorado UpLift teaches over 220 classes each week in Denver Public Schools. 
  • A third-party evaluation shows UpLift's strong outcomes as far as character development in the In School program. Click here for a copy of the full evaluation (large PDF file of 26 MB).
  • Students in UpLift provided over 2,000 hours of leadership service hours to the community, both locally and abroad. 
  • UpLift is receiving national attention, with replication models in four cities across the U.S. (Elevate Orlando, Elevate Phoenix, Elevate New York and Elevate Oregon).