Colorado UpLift


How We Started

Colorado UpLift was founded in 1982 by Dr. Kent Hutcheson as a summer jobs program for urban, at-risk youth. Dr. Hutcheson‘s passion was to help urban young people find hope in hopeless circumstances. (Click here for Dr. Hutcheson's bio).

Program Evolution

Due to the negative traits such as poverty, violence, drugs, gangs, and dysfunctional family units, UpLift teenagers were entering the jobs program with negative social behaviors. UpLift quickly changed its strategy in 1987 to teach character qualities and life skills needed for long-term success, starting at a younger age.

Who We Are Today

The new strategy evolved into a “pipeline of influence” model, in which UpLift staff members now provide consistent instruction for students from 2nd grade through college age and have a better chance to emerge as successful, productive young adults. Click here to find out more about the model.

Since our inception, we have served around 30,000 urban youth in the Denver Metro area, and will impact around 5,000 students this year!