A Highly Unique Model

UpLift takes a whole child approach when working with inner-city youth. Using a highly relational model, we address the needs of our students which is critical in improving academic performance and guiding them on a better career and life track.

UpLift employs full-time staff who are dedicated to the students they serve, providing consistent and dependable guidance and support 24/7/365.

Involvement in UpLift extends far beyond the school year.

UpLift students lack adult supervision & support. Once the school year ends, they are at even greater risk - so we're there for them year round.

UpLift uses a highly unique and very comprehensive model with 5 program areas:

  • In School
  • After School 
  • Adventure
  • Post Secondary
  • Advance Leadership

UpLift incorporates the "Little Lift" model where high school students serve as role models and mentors to younger students.

Long-term impact is a huge part of UpLift's success, as we become a steady influence in a child's life over multiple years.


Colorado Uplift Pipeline

Elementary School

At the elementary level the classes are taught once a week by the high school students, under the supervision of UpLift teacher mentors. Traditionally, the elementary students start UpLift in the fourth grade but can start as early as second grade depending on the school.


Middle School

Colorado UpLift is in the midst of a five-year rollout program to increase our presence at the middle school level. Once the program is fully rolled out, it will mirror our high school classes, transitioning class from one day a week to a full-time elective class for credit.


High School

Classes taught at the high school level are all elective courses. Students receive high school credit for UpLift classes as they would for any other elective.