The Crisis

CO UpliftIn Denver there are more than 60,000 kids at-risk. These kids live in a world with fractured family structures and minimal parental guidance. Every day is a struggle with instability, uncertainty, fear, and physical and emotional abuse. With a large percentage of these kids lacking relational support, the results can be devastating. Many struggle with academic underachievement and the inability to avoid high risk activities happening around them. The numbers below reveal the magnitude and impact of this growing problem.

kids at risk
around 40%
do not graduate
$2 million
cost per dropout


The Solution

CO UpliftColorado UpLift employs full-time staff who are committed to the students they serve. As teacher/mentors and life coaches, they develop long-term relationships as early as elementary school. This bond continues through middle and high school, providing the relational support missing from students’ lives. Colorado UpLift uses a relational approach that produces superior results.

5,400                      28                  over 260                   84%                   90%
students served              public schools            classes each week             enroll in college               graduate

A Highly Unique Model

UpLift employs full-time staff who are dedicated to the students they serve, providing consistent and dependable guidance and support 24/7/365.

UpLift students lack adult supervision & support. Once the school year ends, they are at even greater risk - so we're there for them year round.

UpLift uses a highly unique and very comprehensive model with 5 program areas:

  • In School
  • After School 
  • Adventure
  • Post Secondary
  • Advance Leadership...

UpLift incorporates the "Little Lift" model where high school students serve as role models and mentors to younger students.

Long-term impact is a huge part of UpLift's success, as we become a steady influence in a child's life over multiple years.

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